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TG-16 Season 6 Round 2 - Vigilante

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Welcome to round 2 of the 6th season of the AtariAge TG-16 High Score Club!


This season will be 10 rounds long, 2 weeks per round. Scoring follows the Formula One method (25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1).


This round we are playing Vigilante.


This round ends on Sunday, October 13th.




Title: Vigilante

Developer: Irem

Publisher: NEC

Released: 1989

Rules: No Continues.





1. bubufubu 50

2. DonPedro 36

3. darthkur 27

4. roadrunner 22

5. jblenkle 16

6. S.BAZ 15

7. Darrin9999 10

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Is it just me or is this game kind of hard?


This is my first time playing this game. I've seen runs of the original version on YouTube several times. Apparently, it's a spiritual sequel to Spartan X. I get some enjoyment out of hearing the bosses say: "Hey! Come on!"


So far, I've found that there are some cheap, but effective, strategies for the 1st, 3rd, and 4th stage bosses:


Stage 1 - Try to keep your nunchaku. Walk up to the baton wielding baddie and nail him 4 times. After he dies, make sure you keep moving to the right until you're in range of the big, bearded dude. Keep him pinned against the back of the truck and just wail away on him continuously with the nunchaku. Don't stop until he's dead. A pretty easy fight once you get your position and timing down.


Stage 3 - Try and get in close so you can kick him high or low. It only takes one hit to get rid of his flail. You may have to let him whip the flail at you once first. Hopefully, you can time it right and dodge it so you don't take damage. Once you eliminate his weapon, step or jump in close to him, and kick low. After you hit him, watch his "take damage" reaction. As he's recovering, jump up to dodge his low kick counter attack. He backs up after you make contact with him, so make sure you stay close. You may just want to jump forward each time so that you stay close enough. Kick him low, jump forward to dodge. Rinse and repeat.


Stage 4 - If you still have the nunchaku, then stand near him. He's on the second level. You don't need to be directly underneath him, just close enough to hit him with the nunchaku. Simply jump up and whack him with it. If he tosses a bomb in close, then just move away until it explodes. If not, keep jumping and whipping him until he drops down. After he does, use the same strategy for the Stage 3 boss.


The bosses on Stage 2 are just kind of annoying. They're not very hard, just time consuming. Duck down when they try to jump kick you. Otherwise, stay in close and kick them high and low.


I don't know how to handle the final boss yet. He whooped me good and I didn't have any extra lives at that point.


As for the regular enemies, I recommend getting the nunchaku and trying your best to hold on to it for as long as possible. It has a good reach. Also, like in Spartan X, our protagonist is pretty quick. Try mashing the attack button while you simultaneously switch directions, over and over. Practice that for when there are several enemies on the screen. As easy as the game mechanics are, timing is still crucial.

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