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4 Lynxes on 1 Adapater


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I have four functional Lynxes and while the original adapter is great, it's also extremely bulky. One of my plans with my Lynxes is to be at a Retro Gaming event with all four lynxes for some Rampage fun (and maybe other games as I get multiple copies).


Inspired by vextrexroli, who mentioned in one of his video that he modified an adapter and attached a car adapter wire to it, I created this four way adapter.


To make the splitting point look somewhat pretty I emptied the contents of a car adapter and opposite to the default cable slot I made another slot. The adapter wire I fed through the hole left by taking out the car adapter tip.


The specific adapter I used is this one http://www.allekabels.nl/ac-dc-adapter/7207/3588/universele-ac-dc-adapter.html(I have no affiliation with this store this is just where I got it). It can supply 1.4A at 9 Volts. For four Lynxes you need about 1.2A in case you're looking at other adapters.


In terms of connecting the mantle of the connector is the negative the inside is the positive. After you connect the two car cables make sure the outside of the plug is in connection with the other side. That'll tell you you connected them correctly.


I'm sharing this purely in case other people need or want something similar.


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I should point out using McWill LCD mod + some EPROM based cart or flash cart may need upward of 400mA each. If you could afford over $400 for 4x LCD mods, you can probably find a 9v 2A adapter with custom 4 ways plug.


:D neat design BTW, really useful for Lynx party without needing power strips or multiple outlets.

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Thankfully I'm only running one lynx with the McWill mod because 4 mods is a bit too expensive for me.


I'll admit to not having tested it for long amounts of time. But I did of course test it and didn't seem to run into any serious problems.


The main reason for doing it like this was to avoid just having the joint just be taped together.

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