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Brand new with 30yr-old black mold!


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He just said it comes from the Arizona desert, which is typically a dry area. Seemed pretty nice about it.


I bet it was "infected" at the factory, what with the unbleached cardboard, and adhesive, that PB used. Maybe that part of the box was handled too much then left to sit in the dark. Or maybe "mis-handled" at the factory, thus setting the stage for the colony to flourish..?


I'd bet that if you unwrap it you could blow some of that off, forming a cloud of mold itself. Seen this stuff before when clearing out a hoarder's apartment.

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If you consider Super Cobra to be worth $15, then buy it and remove the plastic wrap from the box outside and then discard it. From what I can see, it doesn't look like the "mold" is on the cardboard.


Now, the seller brought up an interesting point. Has anyone done a binary hack on the game and made it support 2-fire buttons?

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