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I ebayed a ROB robot nes two and a half years back as the one from when I was a kid was given away and is long gone. The one I ebayed is working fine. He goes up and down. And side to side. But arms don't open. I don't have claws. I found another solution for that. But just interested why he doesn't open and close. And even on ebay now nothing less than 40. 2 for 40 now but untested and for parts. No other description. So I would like to fix this if I can. Not worth get another one. I saw the video and blog about how to fix him if he doesn't move up and down. But nothing to do with the arms. Are the arms an easy fix? Thanks.

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Yes I asked on Nintendo age also. Thanks for the reply. Seems after opening and barely putting him back together ( gears kept popping out and so did arms) his gearbox might be shot. Arms fit fine thing fine and are pressed against the white gears and are in the right holes. No luck. Yes moves freely otherwise. Too complicated to repair so I found another solution.


I used to as a kid in the 80's use my feet with that red and blue thing to play the second controller. Or an nes advantage or camerica freedom stick with big buttons for the second controller. Or even better a camerica freedom connect (one with wires plugged in to second controller to make it woreless and right next to you.


And no need to wait for gyros to charge. Just keep him fixed and then move up and down and walla.​


Here is what I did.



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