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Are thes games rare?

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i have found this games ..... and 2 joysticks in my cellar..


maybe they are worth..maybe not..


can you tell me something about the games????

(ps. iam from germany )



super ferrari
im schutz der drachen
e.t. extra terrestrial
strahlen der teufelsvögel
dschungel boy
sorcerer`s apprentice

double moduls :

robin hood ----- ------sir lancelot
ghost manor ----------spike`s peak
super kung -fu ------ robin hood

2 joysticks
spectravideo modell 318 -102






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Sorcerer's Apprentice is a scarce game and will run on average $60 new CIB and about $40 CIB. The Xonox Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot game is very rare and will run several hundreds new in box, but about $100 loose. The Robin Hood/Super Kung Fu which is Chuck Norris Sidekicks in N.A. is an scarse game but not rare. Will go for $25 loose. Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor is an uncommon and will go for about $10. Super Ferrari is I believe a hack of Enduro, but no rarity grade and set price listed for it. Dschungel Boy is the same. No rarity grade and is a Pitfall hack. Strahlen der teufelsvögel is a Atlantis ripoff, but no rarity grade set as well. Im schutz der drachens a Dragon Defender hack and again no rarity grade set for that one. And lastly E.T. is a common game and CIB should run for about $25-$30 due to the dig up of the landfill in New Mexico. Hope this helped.

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