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Texas Instruments Game Mascot?


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A lot of successful gaming systems end up with one, two, or several mascot like characters that repeat in a series of multiple games. You know they've made the big time as mascot for the system when they are showing up in games of varying genre. And of course, to be the mascot you are exclusive to the system.


Did any such character ever evolve on the TI-99/4a?


Did anyone anthropomorphise the Geneve swan?


'Fighter' in Tunnels of Doom doesn't quite count :)

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1) Eric Seablade? I always thought that was just from TOD saves overtop the originals... :)

2) Too bad we didn't get some exclusive Fat Albert & Gang games... If the speech synthesizer was found to be saying 'Hey, hey hey!' all the time, that would have been impressive.

3) My munchman scores are like 1300. You all up there in the >50000 are... impressive. :) --- actually watched a video of someone here flipping the levels... getting through crazy levels like the invisibe everything level... just nuts...


Munchman... I could see him crossing genres.

There was actually a Munchman II ? http://www.jorgensenconveyors.com/news/default.aspx?id=1342 wait, not that...



And he actually got 2 games...

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Those other Munchman things are just coincidentally named, TI never licensed it out.


Wumpus is sort of unclear since TI never owned it, TI licensed it for their game. :)


Munchman was the closest I ever saw being used around (as a character, Parsec ship wasn't much of a character), I remember seeing that cover art version of him in a few places. (It was a fairly cool pic.)


But as far as personality or a mascot, nothing really came close. Most companies needed a while to find their mascot. Sega ambled along with Alex Kidd for years before Sonic. I guess Nintendo settled on Mario pretty quickly, but it was still a few games before he represented Nintendo and not Nintendo's next game. Sony tried that polygon face thing and Crash Bandicoot before deciding they didn't really need one. ;)


TI not only wasn't out that long, but they never focused on gaming or entertainment anyway, they wanted to be seen as the serious choice. So no effort in that direction, and honestly, I can't think of any era games for the TI that had much personality. It would be pretty tough to choose anything for me.


I'd agree Parsec is probably best known. But if it was choosing a mascot, it should be the ship's computer. I don't even know why the ship is even there on that hostile planet. ;)

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hmmmm, I think a mascot should come from the 80ies, authentically, original & genuine, and not from today.....

So there could also be a chance, that non-99ers-people and the public maybe will recko/identify that, and accept that as given history.

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Another one for "Alfred" the Alpiner, don't know if he actually has a name-but I think Alfred works, he also crossed the racial divide by being the first black rock climber in video game history ( I think )-and in turn pissed off the locals of Aspen.

Cries of "there goes the neighbourhood" could be heard throughout the mountains of Colorado.

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