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Atari landfill yields $108,000...

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Mrs. Shake and I bought two dig carts. Warlords and Berserk (both with boxes), because they're games we like, reasonably affordable (at the time, and relatively speaking), and it a fun historical artifact.


We'd been eyeing the auctions for so long that once we got them, we'd forgotten to keep checking in, and I just did a "sold listings" search.


YEESH. Things have gone up, now that the sales supply is officially spent (for the time being). I'm surprised the actual sale averaged $122 each... but I suppose those are the E.T.s pulling the median up.


Still... that's crazy.

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Thing is you guys haven't got a world famous history behind it if you bury your games. You need to think of something interesting, buried with your loved one or something like that.

The 297 games are from the dig. So they will have value. The reason these ended up so value was the cover up (not the dirt) but Atari's denial that this ever occurred.

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I am holding 297 games for future release. Some are still available for museums. And looking into a second film to truly tell the rest of the story and how this urban Legend came about. Lewandowski

Which urban legend? There were like six of them over time ranging from "millions of ETs" being buried there, to millions of games and prototypes, to nothing at all. It seems most of the media can't get straight which one they're talking about and that most were actually disproven by the dig.


BTW Joe, feel free to come on to the Atari Museum group on Facebook as well. Jim Heller is on there too.

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So people scoffs at a mint ET cart but pays a couple hundred for one that's been trashed and covered in worm poop for 30 years?


I need to bury a few of my carts and come back in a couple decades.

Lol...good one. I wonder how many buyers that try to resell them will find it hard to even get back the money they paid for one of these carts. Without some type of proof that it came from the landfill, it will be hard to command a premium price because anyone could say their cart is one of the landfill artifacts.

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