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RE: your "Atari 2600 Game Rarity Guide"

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Hi all, amigaman07 here.


I have had a "Ball" Trolling through your "Atari 2600 Rarity Guide", entering all My Atari Carts just for the Hell of it !


I have found out some Very interesting Stuff, and an example is...


I have OTHELLO "CX2639" Game Cart, I Did not know the Game was First Released in 1978, then again in 1980.


When i checked my Copy, i found i had the 1978 Game CART with Player Graphic / Artwork on the CART, and the 1980 Box, with Yellow Writing!


I also Note that the European ASTEROIDS "CX2649" Game Cart was made in 1981. I have 3 PAL Asteroids Carts, and 1 of them Initialises the Screen with "ASTEROIDS 1983" before going into the Game!


I know these may not seem much, but your Archiving of these Facts is Brilliant, and a great referance to all AtariAge users.


The recent Addition of the 7800 Games will certainly Enhance the above.


Keep up the Great Work!


Darren in OZ

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The copyright on the cartridge has nothing to do with when the game was released. Actually, that doesn't read right. The copyright on the label does not necessarily mean that was the year that variation was released. If I ever got indepth with which cartridge came in which box, it would be easier to follow. Atarimania.com would be the closest as to which cartridge came in which box. I've been documenting when a box was printed, so you have an idea exactly when a specific box was released, and if you know which cartridge came in that box, would know when that cartridge variation was released. All picture label games were later releases, most likely past 1980, doesn't matter what the copyright on the label says. Look at my website for more info. The "general Atari" page above the Atari games will explain much.



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