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Dragon Defender cartridge rare?

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I've had this card (amongst others) for 15 years now in a box on my attic. i cannot find any good description for this game and especially no information or sales for this particular version of the card. Is it rare and if so can you give me your thoughts/knowledge that you might have? Thanks!


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The reason I'm asking is that I'm selling my collection and I'm getting higher offers than I expected. So I was getting suspicious that I might have something rare and not know about it and so far the only 'suspect' is this card.

Maybe you can have a look at my advertisement and maybe spot it: http://www.marktplaats.nl/a/spelcomputers-en-games/spelcomputers-atari/m959558042-atari-2600-in-doos-verzameling-games.html?c=d721e818194200feca4409741512b6e6&previousPage=mympSeller

It's in Dutch, but the names of the games obviously aren't.

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Atari 2600 4-switch Woody inclusief 2 joysticks en paddles met doos en bijbehorende folders!De doos heeft een beschadiging aan de linkerzijde maar is verder nog in goede conditie (zie foto).Alleen het spel Combat is compleet in een nog goed uitziende doos, verder alleen cartridges.


Het betreft de volgende losse cartridges:


Pele's soccer

Dragon Defender

32 in 1 Cartridge


Championship soccer

Ice Hockey - sticker is niet mooi meer

Street Racer

Pac Man - sticker is niet mooi meer



Space Invaders

Jungle Hunt

Basketbal - sticker is niet mooi meer

Donkey Kong



River Raid

Ms. Pacman

Circus Atari

Real Sports Soccer


Pole Position - sticker is beschadigd

Video Olympics


Night Driver

Mouse Trap


Enduro - sticker is niet mooi meer

Wizard of Wor


Air Sea Battle

Missile Command

Tennis (international edition)

Dark Chambers

Super Breakout

Maze Craze

Mario Bros


Altogether pricewise. I assume this is a PAL unit as you are located in The Netherlands. A 4 switch woody in box with controllers and everything should go for around $100. It looks like it's in fantastic condition. Box looks great, console looks flawless, controllers, etc. The Dragon Defender game is a question mark, cause it is loose in cart and said $30 not stating on any of the other 3 the game is sold as. I'd go for $15 for that. The 32 in 1 goes for around $20 loose. Mario Bros goes for about $10-$15 and the same for Dark Chambers. All the other games are commons and go for roughly 50 cents to a dollar. And a couple bucks for some of the others. Altogether this should go for about $200. That is what I would sell it for. If any offers go higher take it. Hope it helped. :)

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