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So I was working, trying to make a game for the Intv Basic competition a few months ago, when I gave up. I came back to it a few days ago and fixed my problems. I just now fixed a problem about the game over screen, after you press fire, the Zyx and the Vut (if there is one) remain on screen for less than a second. I worked on it for a little bit and apparently solved the problem by making the split second of blackness disappear and it goes straight to the title screen. I also composed a new tune for the in-game, so the same title screen song doesn't drive people crazy by playing in the game as well. I went on eBay and bought Kool-Aid Man and Horse Racing. I think I'll get Shark Shark next. There was another game I was looking at but I forgot what it was. Right now I have 71 INTV games. Past the half way point, but still a long ways to go. Although I doubt I'll ever get them all. Unless I get really lucky and find Stadium Mud Buggies or Spike Volleyball at a flea market or used video game store or something. Like how I only paid $1 for a loose Congo Bongo. The label has begun peeling off at the top. It was like that when I bought it. I love my Vision-dapter I bought and use it every time I use jzINTV. It is a great way of testing how a real controller would act. Since the INTV controller is kind of dumb and ergonomically incorrect and the computer keyboard is better. I spent most of the day asleep, but I did manage to go to a few game stores. I was looking at this one that also had board games and card games. I am not into that kind of stuff, but it made me recall that 1-player card game I had begun making.

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