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My old SNES (model 2) isn't working so well anymore


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Today I decided to take it out of the dresser where it has been collecting dust, hook it up, and see if it still plays. Most of the time with various games it either gives a black screen or nothing happens at all when I turn it on. Some games I can get to work after a few tries, while others won't work at all. I think that it's probably the cartridge slot.


What's the best fix? I tried the credit card and cloth trick that I see suggested online for cleaning the slot, and that didn't help. I'll probably just get a new used one for $60 if this unit is beyond hope. I guess I should also try cleaning my games with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol.




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Okay... What does it usually mean when it plays some carts fine every time or almost every time, while other carts I have a heck of a time getting to play?


Unfortunately most of my SNES carts are loose so they can get dusty. I'll try cleaning them when I get some q-tips. I hope this helps.

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