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Any need for an emulation FTP site?


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I've got a Virtual Machine working in the cloud that I had been using as a backup to free up space on my hard drive(s). I've had to set up an FTP server on it to be able to access those files.


I have about 100Gb of space on the VM and a about 1TB of emulation stuff on my desktop machine. So I think I'll start creating more VMs for storage to clear up some space. Due to the cost, only one VM can be left on at any one time.


If there's any interest, I can set up an anonymous FTP on each of these VMs and post the details here. The VMs will only be available for 2-3 days a time for FTP download.


What am I getting out of this? I'm not sure if I'm charged for bandwidth usage so this will give me a better idea of what the costs are.

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Due to the cost, only one VM can be left on at any one time.


I'm confused by that. You can run multiple VMs on one physical host. There is free software to run VMs, and free OSs to load on the VMs. Where's the extra cost? I'm just curious only. I have no dog in this so to speak.

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It's a Microsoft Azure account that I use for dev work. I use it as an emergency backup - upload files then shut it down. The VM is still there but not being charged for. And nobody can access it. When I want to get access to the backup, I just turn it on again.


So it's not an ordinary hosting account. Actually works out cheaper since most hosts charge a set monthly fee, even when you're not using it. And each VM has 100Gb available to it.


Ultimately, though, I'd like a NAS to store all my crap. I have enough spares to build one myself but don't fancy having a power-draining tower next to the living room cupboard, so I'm thinking of building a new low-power media system that has a shared hard drive. Will probably go the AMD A1 route.

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I do all my classic game emulation stuff locally. And I would never trust the cloud to store anything without a local backup.



Yeah, cloud computing is a giant step backwards to the 1970s. I don't see why anyone would want to use cloud storage or cloud apps in the first place. I guess none of these people embracing this technology remember how bad it used to be with centralized computing. I'll never give up my local apps, storage and processing power.


The only useful thing is chromnium on old hardware that is too slow to run an OS and even then you have Puppy Linux which works great on old hardware and can do most tasks people use computers for. The newest version of Puppy Linux switched over to Pale Moon as the browser, which happens to be my favorite browser.


With the price of storage dropping so fast, the cloud is kind of silly. I saw a 64GB thumb drive for about $17 at Walmart a few weeks ago and a 1TB hard disk can be bought for well under $100. Then you have blu-ray drives with support for up to 100GB per disc for backups of really important data, not to mention you can simply clone your drive every few days to an external hard disk as a backup.

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