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Labor Day mini contest: Guess the mystery carts to win a $20 gift card!

Nutsy Doodleheimer

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Hey gang!! Today I felt like giving back to the Atariage community and do a fun little contest. I was inspired by Toiletunes' post and small contest from a couple weeks back in winning a Candy Catcher 2600 game by guessing the mystery Parker Bros. cart. So, I have a couple Atari 2600 mystery carts of my own. And if you haven't noticed, I custom made these at Kinkos as a gag. It has my name on both and my picture on the silver label cart. I have a couple $20 Visa Gift cards to give out to two lucky winners who can correctly identify the real 2600 games. They are Atari branded carts.


So here is the contest rules:

- Any Atariage member is welcome to play


- You have only one guess to correctly identify one of the two games. Answer one game only as there will be two seperate winners.


- There will be two winners


- The deadline is Monday evening Labor Day September 7, 2015.


- In the event that multiple people correctly guess the mystery cart(s), the one who correctly guessed first is declared the winner.


- If no correct guess of either cart is made by Labor Day evening, I will make an announcement to extend the contest until the carts are correctly guessed. And those who have already guessed prior is welcome to make one guess again.


- I will post a youtube video in this thread to unveil the mystery games and announce the lucky winners who will receive their $20 gift cards.


- Have fun and good luck!! :)



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