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The Stafford Predicament : A Brief Review


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I've recently jumped back into the TI and in a whirlwind to explore new and fun game offerings on the TI, I've learned that I really suck at arcade games :) But turned based games like Tunnels of Doom, and Scott Adam's adventures are totally my speed.

Chris of http://shift838.wix.com/shift838 & the SHIFT838 Newsletter provides a couple free games for the Adventure module. So I gave them a spin.

Chris announced them in his Newsletters

The Locked Room : can be found in Volumne 1 Issue 2.

The Stafford Predicament : can be found in Volume 1 Issue 6.

The adventures are available for download on his website at:

- The Locked Room -

The first one, The Locked Room, was quite entertaining. It was a nice short warm up adventure to get used to the model of interactive with the world in simple <verb> <nown> command syntax. When I realized the mechanics of the riddle, my brain was truly tickled.

- The Stafford Predicament -

This second one is considerably more involved. You are thrust into the middle of a crisis and must use your TI skills to disarm the situation and escape with your life.

This is a pretty on topic adventure for me. I've just spent the last couple months beginning to rebuild my TI skills. I've been on a quest for parts in real life, and that very well may have hooked me. ( Not to mention my own compulsive need to solve things. )

In this predicament, you get to run around a TI facility, encounter some retro pop culture loosely related to the TI, and save yourself if you are up to it!

There are a few misdirects, to keep you on your toes. You have to explore everything. This adventure has a nice balance between difficult puzzles, and straight forward progress. I found the adventure flowed quite well.

I was able to solve the main story line after a few questions to Chris, where his advice grossly paraphrased as to not give anything away, was to keep trying what you haven't tried, and stop trying what you already know doesn't work. :)

Even after finishing the main path through the game, I know there are a few areas I haven't explored. Chris hints that there is an Easter Egg hidden in the game, and that nobody who has played has found it yet!

So if you are looking to take a break this weekend from soldering up some cart boards, and want something more cerebral than Munchman ( don't hit me ), then you should give this a whirl!

It is pretty great that there has been new content built for Adventure.


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