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Atari 2600 CyberTech Mod Schematics?


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I recently got a couple Atari 2600 4-switchers, and I am interested in performing a video mod on it.

I have plenty of soldering experience, and in fact I performed a video mod before on a Tandy Color Computer 2.

The color computer 2's graphics chip had a datasheet that actually contained useful information and example circuits for how to get composite video, etc.

I couldn't find a datasheet for the Atari's TIA chip, best I could find was a pinout: http://www.atarihq.com/danb/tia.shtml


After a bunch of research, I found the video mods comparison project: http://www.cheeptech.com/2600mods/2600mods.html which clearly showed the Cybertech mod creates the best picture.

Second best looks to be the CD4050 mod, which, correct me if I am wrong, is what Longhorn offers: http://longhornengineer.com/deprecated-static-pages/diy/atarivideomods/2600ukitv2_2f/

Or perhaps also similar to what electronicsentimentalities offers: http://electronicsentimentalities.com/Assembled%20Mods.html


It looks like the Cybertech mod doesn't exist anymore, with scant evidence it ever existed at all. I could only find a couple pictures of the topside of the board, and a thread on this forum briefly dedicated towards its would-be successor, the Cybertech Pro, which seems to have fizzled. Also references to a 'Cybertech VGA', also only in cwilkson's possession.


I am not interested in buying boards from anyone, but I am interested in soldering up one myself. I am not sure if I want to undertake making the Cybertech mod, but I would at least like to understand what made it so special.

Are there schematics of the board or its successors available anywhere? What IC's were on the board?

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dunno about the cybertech mod, but yes the CD4050 is more or less the longhorn which has a fairchild FMS video amp attached


I think the biggest differences tween all the mods is the resistors chosen to mix the TIA's outputs into a signal


my personal advice is whatever one you settle on, use small poteonometers then you can just tune them how you like, then if you wanna you can measure them and replace them with hard set resistors

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