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So later today I might go to the used video game store place and get me a Master System if it's still there. I have enough store credit that I would only have to pay a little, if anything. So this leads me to the Game Gear. I am thinking about getting an Everdrive for it (see my post in the classic video game forum part.) I have looked on SMS Power! and have decided I would like to try to make a Game Gear game, seeing as how there's not very many of them. For a first exercise, I would like to make a clone of Fast Food. The screen looks too small for a GoSub game, and that would probably be beyond my programming skills for now. I have 0 experience coding a Game Gear. I have looked at a few Game Gear homebrews, and would like to try them out on a real Game Gear. The emulators are weird and have unusual mappings. You'd think the arrow keys would be the control pad. But no, they're some letters. But I still haven't figured out where the 1 and 2 buttons are. So it is extremely hard playing Nibbles on it. There is this other one called Fire Track, which is, in essence, a Xevious clone. But what bothers me is they don't have any sound. Is sound especially hard to program on a Game Gear? I mean, if you can program a Nibbles clone on it, how hard would sound have to be?

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