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Will Altirra run on my Windows 10 Lumia Phone?


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"x86 app" might be true if you had a Windows Mobile 10 phone that had an x86 CPU. That still wouldn't help because "app" still means the restricted Metro/Modern/Universal app model and not Win32 programs.


People make a big deal about ARM vs. x86, but it really isn't. Porting code from x86 to ARM isn't usually that big of a deal, especially if the code already compiles for x64. Once Windows RT had been jailbroken to run Win32 programs, several popular programs got recompiled for Win32/ARM within days. The real problem is the system/UI layers, which usually need to be rewritten from scratch for a different platform. For a Universal app, that would be C++/CX and XAML. Microsoft likes to be intentionally confusing about the difference between a Universal app and traditional desktop/Win32 programs, but there are enough differences that it essentially needs to be treated as a different platform.


I also have a dislike of the "Universal app" platform because it is part of the same push that keeps regressing the Windows UI, which I would rather not support.

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