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Out of the Pack - S.A.M. Word Editor v1.0


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I wanted to get my collection of SAM programs organized on the PC using my new Atarimax SIO2PC. I’m not sure how large the collection was but some of the disks were unreadable. SAM worked fine with DOS 2.5 and got RECITER working after remembering to boot with a translator disk. I guess at some point while running SAYIT.BAS I decided a better phonetic word editor would be nice. Once started I just couldn’t stop.

What I did was put the phonetic spelling chart on the screen. The dictionary spelling of the word is displayed to remind me which word I’m working on. Then an editor section is at the bottom.

To run, load SAM and then run WORDEDIT.BAS. (RECITER not required.) After the intro, a box is opened to input the normal spelling of the word. The length of the word should not exceed 19 characters. Keep INPUT within the box. It is not necessary to input the standard spelling. So put it in when a text box asked for it and hit return, or just return.

Now start editing the word. Type in the phonemes and numbers. The + and * key is used to move a pointer to the edit point. Press a letter and it will be inserted. The back-space key will remove the letter to the left of the pointer. The editor will handle 27 characters. Longer words will need to be split into syllables.

Press CTRL-H for a list of the command functions.

Press CTRL-P to play what is in the edit line. If you hear the dreaded beep-beep the pointer will be moved to just after the character where the error occurred.

CNTL-C is to place a copy of the edit line into memory. When you have SAM saying the word but want to tweak it to perfection, save the word for later recall. Just in case those tweaks get out of hand.

CNTL-S is used to swap the word on the editor line with the one in memory. Play-swap-play-swap….. to evaluate which version of the word you like better.

CNTL-N sets up for a new word. This function clears the edit line, memory register, and asks for the spelling of the new word. Be sure to write down the last words phonics spelling before you use this command.

CNTL-Q returns you to the READY prompt

This single density disk image contains Dos 2.5 files, SAM.COM renamed as AUTORUN.SYS and WORDEDIT.BAS. I can boot with this disk and not have to manually load SAM before running WORDEDIT.BAS from the READY prompted.
Don’t attempt to use this program without having read the S.A.M Owner’s Manual. Keep it close by because the English to Phonetic Spelling Dictionary will save you lots of time. I know of this online version at http://retrobits.net/atari/sam.shtml#ch3.0 and there are PDFs out there too.

And, my SAM program files still aren’t organized.

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