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How would I conduct an unboxing session for emulators?


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How would I go about doing an unboxing video for emulators? All unboxing vids I've seen were done with real items in real boxes. So what would need to be done with emulators? What topics would need to be covered?


Disk formatting

Directory assignments

Quick tutorial for WinRAR

Copy paste operations

Unpacking operations

Initial setup

Copy roms


Any others?


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Ditch WinRar for 7ZIp? :D


Sounds like you're doing more of a "howTo" video. I mean isn't unboxing just about seeing what is in the box, and the actual set-up happens after or never? Consoles are prett idiot-proof in this regard.


Why disk formatting for an emulator?

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Well that's a really hard question :D I can see your trouble here.

Because frankly to me, presenting the software, how to set everything up, etc... it's more of a how-to than unboxing.


Maybe focusing on the capabilities of the emulator (ability to play complex demos or demanding games, accuracy)?

Also you could pick up a multiplatform emulator, like showing Stella on PC then on PSP, so you have some hardware to show?

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Burn the emulator to a disc.
Apply a really nice label that's like specially made for the emulator.
Create a custom case with custom art for the emulator.
Print out and put together a specially made and premium printed manual for the emulator.
Place the manual in the case.
Create a fancy box sleeve cover for the case.
Put together.
Place inside of an overly large box with packing peanuts/bubble wrap/packing paper.
Seal the box with a custom printed seal tape.
You are now ready for an unboxing video!

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I could make some (a lot) of packing peanuts shaped as 0's and 1's. Kinda have them spill out or even explode up out of the box. For them to blow upwards it would have to be cgi or mount the box on a table and have a hidden air hose blow them up and out.


I thought about putting the to-be-unzipped files on a 256GB MicroSD card, in a nice Sapphire crystal case with an accent LED on it.

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