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Hyperdimention Neptunia

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I ran a search but couldn't find a thread for it, so here's one.

Hyperdimension Neptunia - that self aware parody series of RPGs tha has exploded on the Vita recently.

One of the only moe games around where the whole point of it does not begin and stop with the concept of cute girls doing cute things. Despite what you might initially think, this isn't a game for girls - it's a game for gamers and anime fans. It's chock full of jokes and references to just about everything significant in the game industry since the early 80s and it's something where quality is not lost in translation. Idea Factory and Compile Heart deliver some of the best localizations ever with this series.

For anyone wanting to learn more, I created a video review of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 for PS Vita and Steam - the best jumping off point to get into the series at large, since it's an extensive remake of the first game that had a cool idea, but terrible execution.

I love this series. Any series that bases its main character on the cancelled Sega Neptune is a-okay with me. Edited by Satoshi Matrix
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I have no idea what the prices are like on PC, but the DLC is very reasonable on the Vita, and although much of it can be completely ignored, some things are very very useful. In the first Re;Birth, there are 3 DLC characters (cameos from Victory) that make the game considerably less grindy. For Re;Birth 2, there's an ultimate sword for NepGear. 99 cents isn't too much to ask for these little benefits. If they were like $5.99 then I'd have a problem.

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I -would- have been a fan if not for the DLC. After pre-ordering the collectors edition of the first game and getting burned by the massive amount of unnecessary DLC (The locked but tagalong DLC characters was only a small bit of the cost but the part that pissed me off the most.) I pretty much gave up on the series.


I hope Idea Factory and Compile Heart didn't care about losing fans from their DLC Whoring, as I doubt I'm the only one. They've lost quite a few sales outside of the series from me as well. I went from buying most everything they put out to picking up on average 1 game per year by not preordering and waiting to check the online store on launch day for what DLC they had for it was - and that's when they altered their tactics to slowdrip their DLC out over a few months to avoid losing initial sales from people checking the online store prior to buying to see what the DLC was like. All that did was make me wait 3-4 months before even considering a title, which has effectively cut them off from my wallet entirely.


And to be honest I don't feel like I've lost a damned thing.

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Wait.....since when does unnecessary DLC ruin a game? I would argue it's the opposite - it's DLC that is REQUIRED that ruins a game. DLC should augment and enhance a game experience if the player chooses to buy it - it should not ever be required.


Also, the original Hyperdimenion Neptunia is not a good game. No no not at all. It's Where MkII and especially Victory and then the Re;Birth series that the series really started to become great.


As I say in my video review, if you got burned by the original game, seriously give this one a chance. It fixes just about everything that the original game got wrong.

Edited by Satoshi Matrix
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I didn't get burned by the original game. I got burned by their DLC Whoring of said game. I paid 90 bucks to get the limited edition, and I saw the big ass list of shit that that 90 bucks didn't get me. Including parts of it that was inserted into the story/game itself (The two DLC characters that would join the party, but would not take part in battle until you forked over an extra 4 bucks.) and paraded about as "innovative ingame advertising."


I hate in-game DLC advertising in all forms. Their defending the retarded decision just pushed me away even faster.


And it's "unnecessary" in that it's all things that typically use to be a PART of a standard game. And don't get me started on the stat-purchasing/gold-purchasing DLC - technically optional, but it shows they deliberately made a game harder than it should have been just to make those things worth the price tag. DLC hasn't become what it is overnight. It's been a slipperly slow for the last 5-10 years. If you vote with your wallet that you approve of this shit, then with the next game you'll get more of the same - plus a bit more. There are games that'll rip out bosses/levels/etc out of the game (Like Neptunia does - there are maps that are withheld that are "optional" but it's either buy that, or spend hours getting the special items they contain from the standard sources - if those special items had a sane level of spawning in the rest of the game these money grabs wouldn't be very enticing would they.)


People vote with their wallets, and I've voted. Unfortunately for Compile Heart, Idea Factory, NIS America, the now defunct-Gust, and to a slightly smaller extent Arksys and Atlus, the vote was to leave their games at the store and go play something else.


It's going to have to be a massive, massive sale to make me consider picking up any of their games at this point and the 60% off sale on Steam right now is nowhere near low enough.


As for giving a remake of the first game a chance, sorry. I already paid 90 bucks (plus tax, plus shipping) so buying a remake of the same game just ain't happening. They should have gotten the game right the first time.

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I hear what you're saying and I understand how you feel so burned.


The honest truth is the original Hyperdimension Neptuina is all style over substance and it's not a good game. No amount of DLC could fix that.

All I can say is that as someone who owns all of them, the Re;Birth games are significantly better to a degree that is similar to the difference between the original Metroid on NES and Metroid Zero Mission on GBA.


yeah, they're the same basic game, but one is such a massive improvement that it's hard to even call it a "remake". It's more like the title suggests, and is a rebirth. Rewinds the clock and makes huge leaps forward. You're right to say that Idea Factory should have got it right the first time, but the point of the matter is that they did eventually get it right, period.


I never even looked at the DLC for the first game, but I do know MKII and Victory had a ton of frivolous DLC and weapons. The Re;Birth series way tones that down. There's DLC that is useful but not essential. It can be ignored and not ever worried about. Re;Birth 1 has three DLC characters that are 99 cents each. For that, I don't have a problem.

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