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Have a question on Zimag game , need help plse


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You have to look at each game individually. Rarity in the mid range of 5-7 or so does not necessarily mean that a box version will not go really high. A rarity is considered for a loose cartridge. How many boxes are out there? and of those, how many are sealed? You can have something like Berenstain Bears, which AA puts a rarity of 9, but I see sealed ones come up often, and I actually own a sealed one myself. $300-400 seems to be the going rate of those. How many of Dishaster sealed have you seen for sale? If they surface at about the same rate, then $300 doesn't seem too far fetched. Again, it's always what someone is willing to pay.


Dishaster came with the Copy Cart and there are actually two on right now. That puts 2 copies that aren't in an original box. How many more of the copies that exist came from the Copy Cart and not from an original Dishaster box?



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