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atari2600land's Blog - Yum! part 3


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So a lot has changed since yesterday morning as a result of me working on this all day yesterday. I made the mouth smaller in-game. And I also made the first food: an ice cream cone, which whizzes by. If you eat it, you'll get two points. I wanted it to be one, but the stupid computer wouldn't let it be one. It was either two or three. Anyway, the code itself says to just add one but it adds two instead. But still, it's not a very exciting game. I need to learn how to get random numbers on this thing so I can make it like the 2600 game Fast Food. I'd use random numbers to get the y position of the food and also the type of food. There would be 6 different good foods and 1 purple pickle, so the chances of getting a purple pickle would be 25% But I'll leave that for later. There was a bug I found where if the mouth touched the score, the score would increase. That was fixable by moving the score up, but even that took a lot of time. Who knew that programming something this frustrating would be so interesting? I tried NES coding, but I failed because I couldn't get anywhere. At least with the Master System, I can do this.

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