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Jr Pac-Man 5200 prototype, or is it?


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I received this game in a lot I recently acquired, and upon a little research it appears the sticker on the back may point to Best Electronics? I had never heard of them, but apparently they sold reproduction games? I am wondering if anyone can enlighten me on to possibly what I have and any information on Best Electronics if that is what this game is all about.


Being that the sticker on the back is covering over the screw I have not disassembled yet, but it looks like they are actual eproms vs mask roms on the board, and it looks like there might be 4 of them (it was hard to get a good picture, but they do have the white stripe across the middle).




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Yes, that's definitely a genuine eprom proto board inside there. And yes, that looks like a Best Electronics style sticker.

He was all over the map with what he sold. Sometimes his protos were just blob boards, other times rom boards, other times eprom boards.


Great cart there. Very juicy indeed.

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Supergun, thank you for the info. So basically, it is an original eprom board and most likely eproms they programmed and soldered on? Since the sticker is Best Electronics (most likely) is there any harm in removing the sticker or punching a hole in it to open the cart?


Again, appreciate any and all help with this!

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Yes, the board is almost certainly a genuine Atari EPROM board in there. And no harm in opening it, he wouldn't honor any warranty of any kind from 15+ years ago anyhow. Not that there ever really was any warranty anyhow, I think he just put those stickers there to scare off the vast majority of people from that time period that might be curious to look inside & maybe try to copy the games he was selling.

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