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Re-release & Label Variation questions


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Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Hello, all.


I've recently been building collections for both the 5200 and 2600, but the SuperSystem will always be tops in my book since it's the console I grew up with. While I'm not really a completionist -- I'm only currently collecting Atari and Activision titles for the VCS, for example -- I do like knowing what's actually out there. So, some questions:


1) With respect to Atari Corp. re-releases from 1985-1987, I'm pretty sure I've now compiled a complete list, but... can anyone provide evidence of any of the following three titles existing?


- 1986 Mario Bros
- 1986 Space Invaders (with or without standard printed game name)

- 1986 Vanguard (with standard printed game name)


Mario Bros. and Space Invaders were mentioned as Atari Corp. re-releases in a post here many years ago, but I've never come across one or seen one in an eBay auction, etc.


2) What are people's best guesses as to the ratio of silver label (Telegames style) Zone Ranger cartridges released to those with picture labels?


3) Same question for Miner 2049er -- ratio of gold label vs picture label?


4) Is there any evidence of a silver/gold label Bounty Bob Strikes Back existing, or does this only exist as rumor (like the supposd no-title Atari Corp. re-release of Space Invaders)?



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