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Trivia! Who recognizes the music in this old intro.....

Fredrik Öhrström

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I found this old extended basic program and moved it from cassette to disk. Its an intro screen with music, to a game that I never started writing.





Trivia! Who recognizes the music? Its unfortunately not our own composition. :-)


(Note, js99er does not separate same frequency notes, played one after the other, they sound like one single long note. Whereas MESS does, and so does the original console. Ie. it sounds a bit odd in js99er.)



(EDIT, after RUN it loads the music from a disk file, this takes a minute or so, then it starts playing.)


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Its a translation/interpretation of Chimera by Rob Hubbard. Martin listened to a tape recording of the game, picked out the chords and wrote down the sheet music, I took the sheets and wrote them into a program.


When playing music from Basic, we discovered that reading from data statements can take a significant amount of time, at least compared to reading the data from DIM variables. The reason that was not obvious to us, at the time, but seems quite reasonable to me now, ie for the DIM variables, no need to parse the basic bytecode and convert from decimal char string to floating point storage.


To avoid duplicating the data in RAM, we stored the music on a cassette file, loaded into into DIM variables and played them. Woho! We could play notes much faster! :-) However the round trip time for editing the filegen program, execute it to store the casette file. Run the player program, load the casette file and listen to the result was .... long. Good thing we were very patient in those days. :-)




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