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Hooking up Sega CD 2 to Genesis 2


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Last question. There was a spacer that went between the 32x and the Genesis. Do you need it or the RF shield for the Genesis 2?


The spacer is helpful, otherwise you leave a gap between the 32X and the Genesis shells. Functionally the system still works, it just looks weird without the spacer.


RF shield cart slot plates are not mandatory, although they help minimize the space in the cart slot and make it so the 32X doesn't wiggle around. Still not a make-or-break thing, but I prefer to use the shielding pieces.


If you get a 32X for your son (for the holidays), make sure you test it beforehand. 32X units are usually pretty solid, but there have been many reports of failed/faulty units. Just play it safe beforehand so your boy doesn't end up with a blank/black screen on Christmas morning (and then not be able to return/exchange it because it's been too long). :)

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