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Did any game magazines cover the Atari systems in the late 80s?


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Most of them died by 85' or tried to switch to covering computer games which were the big thing (while Nintendo was slowly building up sales again).


I don't remember any 2600/7800 reviews between 85'-89' and since Nintendo was emerging rapidly among younger gamers it may be pretty rare to find these even in hybrid mags.


Maybe Bill Loguidice can comment on this but I just don't remember seeing much, if anything in that brief time period.

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Many gaming magazines in the UK covered Atari in the late 80s, there's magazines like C&VG, Ace, Zero, One, Edge, Games Master, Game Zone, Raze, they had write ups about 2600 Jr and 7800 and XEGS and games for these systems.


Same in Germany, Atari was well supportet in Gaming mags, Happy Computer and Power Play for example.

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It wouldn't hurt to check game pro. I remember them trying to cover every system imaginable.


Definitely check out GamePro... They had reviews of 7800 & XEGS games and reviewed them (and SMS) on equal footing with the NES ones. There was even a review of 2600 Road Runner which had real good ratings by VCS standards. Very refreshing compaired to other gaming mags that only acknowledged Nintendo as the sole maker of video games.

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I third VG&CE for covering some Atari stuff, but I honestly can't recall any post-Crash coverage for Intellivision (INTV) stuff from anywhere save for an off-hand mention that games were still being made in a Special-K insert in one issue of Family Computing.


I wonder if that's because INTV didn't send out review copies or the magazines of the day just didn't want to bother dedicating any space to it? (or it could be their lack of advertising)

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EGM's 1989 Buyer's Guide features reviews of Tower Topper (Direct Hit) and Crossbow (Hit), as well as Into the Eagles Nest for the XE (Hit). The Editor's column sums up 1988 and includes "...and the Atari 2600, 7800 and XE, three units with plenty of low-cost carts that showcase game play before graphics."


Personally, I liked their "Near Miss, Hit, Direct Hit" rating system

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