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Alpha Race for Atari 7800


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Okay here's the early pencil test art on the label with the Alpha Race title name and how it could look. I use some of my fave 70s spaceship toys from the 70s like using the Starbird toy ship for the main hero ship and others.

That looks great! I love the logo and the concept and that ship is perfect. Thank you for doing this.

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NP I really love the arcade game alot playing it in NYC arcade in China Town and I wanted to get this right the first time


Okay Im half done inking the label but in the mean time here's are the title logo in there two different type one is the front letter A has a taller point and one with a flatter tip for more fit of the logo on end label



I try keeping as closes as I could on the origanl Omega Race title sytle even as gone as far as trying to match there open gaps on each of there lines.





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Wow already do redone the title logo to match the artworks Im doing. Thats fast^_^

I should be able to add a by line to the title screen to credit you for your artwork if you like. Just tell me how you want it to read.

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