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Alpha Race for Atari 7800


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Is this the same as Good Deal Games will be selling at PRGE?

GDG will have a limited amount of Alpha Race cartridges built by me available at the show.


I did notice that the screenshot on the PRGE site appears to be a moch-up. It shows the fish on screen with normal enemy ships. That doesn't happen during play. Also the warp gate is out of position. Not sure why that screen is that way.

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I received mine in the mail but was at PRGE all weekend so I havent spent much time with it yet. I like what I have seen so far. Dig the options and the difficulty, its challenging and fun.


Its funny how the 7800, which was decent but suffered from an average library back in the day has, entirely due to the efforts of Atariage homebrew developers, become THE classic arcade console of choice.


No other console can boast a homebrew library that remains so consistently A list material.


And alpha race is right up there with the rest, from what I have played. Great job!

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I got the cart, thanks! Tested in my pal 7800 console and works great. Fun game with replay value and details like demo and the variety of many options are a nice touch.


By demo I believe you refer to the instruction screens at the intro. Alpha Race doesn't have what I would call a Demo mode.


Anyhow, I am glad to hear you received and are enjoying it.

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