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Alpha Race for Atari 7800


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This is what my emulator spits out. Not what I would call high resolution but, best I can manage at the moment.










By the way, for anyone wanting to pick up a copy of this it is now available from Good Deal Games.

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Just rename the AlphaRace.bin to AlphaRace.32K.

If you have the AlphaRace.A78, convert it to the headerless binary or find the AlphaRace.bin file.

Just copied and played it earlier today.


Froggie.bin is awesome.

If you name it Froggie.32K it uses the TIA sound.

If you name the same file Froggie.32P (and have the Pokey chip in the cart) it plays the Pokey sound!


Anyone get big 144K Pokey files to work? There's no code listed. Just .S9

DK7800 Pokey NTSC with .39P runs, but without sound.

DK7800 Pokey DEV version with the Pokey code moved, and named .S9P doesn't start at all.

Same with Bentley Bear. Naming with .S9 or .S9P both will not start.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Alpha Race on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!





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