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1200XL LEDs


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The IO PORTB bits that were used for joysticks 3 and 4 were reassigned for memory management and the LEDs on the 1200XL.


On later machines the bits are used exclusively for memory management. If they alternate without user input on a 1200XL it might mean you have a memory expansion beyond 64K inside the machine.

If you can download and run software then try some of the SysInfo or MemTest programs.

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Thanks Rybags


The 1200XL is a mystery to me, ive been after one for ages, just tested it with some carts and already got my 8 year old hooked.


Even the PSU connector is the one from the 400/800/1050.


Ive got tons of stuff and still struggling to get it set up


I connected to my 32" LED Toshiba TV as well via RCA and after a bit of playing Ive got the picture perfect

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Ive just got myself a 1200XL and im puzzled as the L1 and L2 LED alternate


Any Ideas


PS also got myself a 7800 as well, the collection continues :o)



If you are referring to L1 and L2 alternating during the ROM/RAM memory check, that it normal. The L1 and L2 LEDS will alternate when even and odd "K" RAM is tested. They have other functions when not in test. I think one signifies the international character set and the other is Keyboard disabled.

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