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SNES to HD-projector


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I have a problem, and need some help :)


I've tried connecting my SNES (and N64) to my Optoma HD20 projector. I've done this using a composite (yellow RCA), however the projector registers no signal.

Using the same cable I had no problem connecting my Gamecube to the projector, works like a charm.


So Ì've concluded that the projector and the cable works as the should, but why am I not getting a signal with the SNES or N64? Is it something with the signal the modern projectors can't use? Is there a work around?


Tried googling around and couldn't find an answer.


As I'm swedish, I'm using the PAL-version of all consoles.


Thanks for any and all help!

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Maybe it has something to do with the lower resolutions of the SNES and N64 compared to the Gamecube. It can't upscale them.


No, all composite video signals are the same (with regard to bandwidth) for any given region. It is made to be compatible with the standard resolution video standard of that region, such as NTSC or PAL. Even if you had a Blu-ray with composite outputs, it would send a standard definition video signal over it. Composite doesn't have the bandwidth for any video signal higher than standard definition (which is roughly 480i / 240p).


Also, most Gamecube games are standard definition anyway, the same as the SNES. There were a few Gamecube games which supported 480p, but you had to have the first revision of the Gamecube and utilize the digital AV output port (which was removed in later revisions of the Gamecube) along with component video cables to take advantage of it. No matter which game you are playing, and no matter which revision of the Gamecube you have, if you are using composite video, it will be standard resolution.


What Mermok is trying to do should work. Any device with a composite input should be compatible with any device with a composite output as long as the regional video standard matches.

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I think he meant that the SNES output a 240p picture, which most modern display doesn't seems to take today. But yeah, I never heard of that 240p thing before, and only in the video gaming world so... well.


That shouldn't matter, since 240p and 480i represent the same bandwidth (roughly 15 kHz), but if it matters to a modern display, then that's yet another way in which modern displays are inferior to CRT displays. A CRT doesn't "care" about resolution, progressive vs. interlaced, or refresh rate; as long as it all adds up to ~15 kHz (in the case of SD), it will happily sync to it.


I wonder what would happen if he recorded some gameplay from his SNES with an old VCR (using the composite input) and then tried to play the tape on the projector (using the VCR's composite output).

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I wonder what would happen if he recorded some gameplay from his SNES with an old VCR (using the composite input) and then tried to play the tape on the projector (using the VCR's composite output).

It likely would only replicate the current experience. The impression the signal would leave on the vhs tape would likely still be too weak for the projector. I've tried that approach trying to convert SNES footage onto an HD capture card (which otherwise could capture VHS movies), but had no luck.


Interested in hearing the solution if its found as I'm otherwise in the same boat.

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Thanks for all the input guys!


Sadly I don't own a VCR so can't record my gameplay and try that :)

I tried connect the SNES using the same cable to my fairly new sony 50" LED-TV (KDL50W805BBN), worked perfectly so it just seems that the problem is with the projector.


Do you think it would work if I bought a Composite to HDMI-converter?

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