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Repairing Suncom TAC-2 joystick


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First, I haven't had one apart in a decade but from what I remember, that silver ball should have threads on it. They are broken off inside a metal tube inside the rubber stem. The rubber acts like a pivot. The black ball on top is fastened to the other side of the metal tube. Glue wont fix this. The broken stem needs to be either unscrewed or drilled out for a new ball with stem to be screwed in.

This thing is kind of like a tire valve stem as crazy as that sounds.

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It actually is a tire valve. :-o

I've saw a blog a few months ago where a guy had been searching for parts to repair some Suncom joysticks. He found a number on the rubber part and after some searching, it turned out it was the part number for a tire valve. I think it's a longer one than the Slik Stik uses.

I don't have one on hand to work with, but I'm sure I could fabricate the needed metal parts, anyone with decent tools and some DIY skills could probably do it just as well. Once I get my hands on a Tac-2 I'll tear it apart and see how hard it would be to make some spare parts for them.

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