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2048 lynx version


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Hi !


After 10 years without doing anything on lynx, i'm a bit back in town with this little release.


It's a cover of a famous Flash game, 2048.


Here are some screenshots :




The file is here : http://www.autoecoleolivier.fr/various/lynx/2048/2048.o


Press A or B on title screen to have 2 different tilesets, 1 for LCD-modded lynx, and 1 for classic screen, a bit easier to read.


I haven't implemented highscores because i the best goal in this game imho is to reach the ultimate 2048 score :)


There is a last remaining bug : the music plays 2 times then stops... I'll have to get to my parents' place to recover my old sources and try to get it working better. The game was done with the old NEWCC65 compiler.


A big thanks to Fadest for his wonderful tutorials on the french forum Yaronet, i fastly managed to get back into business with them ;)


If someone wants to do a cartridge release of this little title, please get in touch with me, but please ** don't sell this version in any way !! **



Enjoy and don't hesitate to comment on this thread.




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Whaou! lokks really good, congratulations!! :thumbsup:

I will try it!

Do you think it will be possible in next version to exceed 2048. This will make the game a little more difficult :)

and another question (stupid , probably because I haven't any knowledge about progaming):

is it possible to make an lnx file with this o file?

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Fantastic and excellent. Really great. An addictive title for the Lynx.

One piece of additional gameplay feedback: When you press the joypad in a direction that does not allow a move a new tile still appears. I believe that is not in the original game. Is that intentional?

Thanks for creating and sharing this!

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Nice brain teaser. Got stuck at 256 though. The music is also too short.

Hi Karri !


Yes i know the tune is short, the original one was already, and my protracker to abc converter produce kinda large files (1.2 kb for this tune)


By the way what is the size limitation of an abc tune used by abcmusic ? Only the free ram ?

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