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Going to display Ruiner Pinball over T2k at party! Here's why...


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Now I can't compare Ruiner to Fantasies because I only have Ruiner, but what I've noticed in the past when I've had retro games days is that T2k gets overlooked. I think it is an excellent game (especially with my T2K Commander naturally :D ) but it is quite bewildering to the casual gamer. It's about as 'pick up and play' as Elders Scrolls running on a PS3 for all they care!


So I have been playing around with what to demo. I narrowed it down to Ruiner, Super Burnout and AVP. AVP too is not something you can get straight in to. Well you can to see what it is like but then you won't really be gaming. Finally, even though Super Burnout has great gameplay, chances of two people at a time playing it are a little slim as there might be 10-15 people MAX, playing on maybe 10 systems. Ruiner is fun as a single player, is easy to get the gist of, and whether you like it or not, shows off the colour and graphics of the Jaguar in my opinion (",)

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Tempest 2000 and Ruiner Pinball were the only 2 Jaguar games people really cared to play when I had my Jaguar setup in an apartment I rented with some friends. In other words the only two people would actually play when I wasn't encouraging everyone to check out a specific game I was playing :P


Tempest is a weird one... although I like it now it took me a long time to really give it a fair chance.

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I played Ruiner last night oddly enough. It is a fun game but has some frustrations. Especially as I played Pinball Fantasies right afterward.

I like the Tower table, but hate it as well. Since it is almost impossible to get from the lowest part of it back up!


I have put lots of time into it to hit that left ramp but it is, as I see it, almost impossible and it ruins the table.


The Ruiner table, I've saved that table for 2016! But my first impression of it, is that it is less good than the other.


Pinball Fantasies is a less frustrating and more rewarding game, and you don't get stuck in a part of the table like in Tower.

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I prefer the Ruiner table but they both have their own distinct feel so I can see people preferring one over the other.


I get the criticism over the physics to an extent

(1) you can't play it with the illusion that it was mean to replicate pinball physics .etc, it's a video game and you have to accept that

(2) The game is generally easy to get the hang of, but it seems you can only get to certain sections of the table if you launch the ball from one of few specific angles at specific speeds which can be really frustrating.


Still, I'm not a huge fan of pinball and there are few pinball games I like so it's probably some of the creative liberties they took that make the game worth playing for me.

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Had NBA Jam available on my mame cab. For each machine I like to show something exclusive to it, or at least memorable. For instance, I had two xboxes running. One had Steel Battalion running, and the other Outrun 2.


Steel Battalion with the big controller?


Outrun 2 is very awesome imo.

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