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Portland Retro Gaming Expo - October 17th and 18th


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I need to track down Missile Command+.


I do want to have Centipede and Reactor running on a 2600 with the Trak-Ball at the show. I need a 2600 Trak-Ball controller.



And Millipede!


Al, some info: There were 15,000 early CX22 Trak-balls that say "Atari 2600 Trak-Ball". They DO NOT have a true trackball mode switch, and have a dark bottom case. They are joystick output only like the WICO Trakball. (Saw 2 recently on eBay).

The CX22's with the white/yellowed white base that just say "Atari Trak-Ball" have the joystick/trak-ball switch.


Then the early CX80 Trak-balls have CX22 output. I bought one NIB a few years ago possibly from Best Electronics. It came in the box with many languages printed on the back. It outputs like a CX22.


Both models operate about the same with the CX80 feeling a bit more solid.


Also regarding TB and Harmony. In TB mode it is erratic and fairly impossible to select a folder or ROM. I switch it to JS mode and turn the console off and then back on. After selecting the TB ROM version I switch to TB mode, and start the game.

Dedicated one off TB cartridges would eliminate the Harmony menu hassle of course. You will probably have them on carts for shows.


I'll definitely get these TB hacks on carts in the future. They will be a bit less of a hassle to plug in and play than switching trak-ball modes and systems on/off.

It will be after I order most of the new games from the Store and save up some more money.

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Man I wish I could go ot this one too. Albert has got some great guest speakers lined up. Going to stick with the Texas & nearby shows. I will probably set up mine own vendor table next year. Great way to sell a whole bunch of extras and pick up some rares missing in my collections. I used to help setup and sell at the local Hot Wheels shows. Not a big deal anymore as the Treasure Hunts are cheaper and that market is way down. Retro Gaming really seems to be blowing up crazy. Many older games are sky rocketing in value especially since Lame Stop quits buying/selling'trading the older systems.

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A great show to attend. Something for everyone, and I cant state it enough. I will be on a panel with MetalJesusRocks talking about games. I will have many exclusive items for sale this year. I will debuting a homebrew Sega Genesis game Code Eliminator programmed by theloon at my table. Game is also available in Sega CD form. I will have Atari 2600 games Catacombs of Chaos and Game Panic for the 2600. I also will be showcasing a new collector DVD for collecting Neo Geo and Turbo Grafx. Show is right around the corner, I cant wait.

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If this is the way the PRGE is going to be, I've got to find a way to attend next year. I have hoped that something on the east side would occur again - like the old Philly or Cinci Classics. But even though there are shows to attend , AtariAge doesn't attend and the focus is not as awesome as PRGE.


So, I am asking everybody to film lots of video clips to share with us stuck at home. :(



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Never stayed at the Marriott but Crowne Plaza is very nice and within an easy walk of the Convention Center. Super handy if you're carting back a sweet haul of purchases to your hotel room.

Cool, that's the one I was thinking of staying at.

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