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Random PRGE Preparation Photos


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The colors look great on that third monitor with Star Castle , the red really pops .

You cannot really read much into the colors on these displays -- every one is going to be different unless you take the time to properly adjust them. Which I haven't done here. The TV on the left probably actually looks the best in person. Also, I had to turn the lights out to get a better photo of the displays, which results in a longer exposure, and hence it's a very touch blurry (wasn't going to grab a tripod and do this properly, who's got time for that?) :D


The game does look quite good. :)



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Just out of curiosity, why do some games get label sheets and some get rolls?

The labels on sheets I print myself, the rolls were printed by a third-party. The roll labels have a nice, high-gloss finish, but they are harder for me to apply to the carts due to the curvature of the labels.



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