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Random PRGE Preparation Photos


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Those just carts or are any of them in boxes? I'd like to pick up a 7800 Frenzy in box when I'm there.

I am mostly going to have boxed games at the show. I'm not bringing the entire library of homebrew games, as that is just a stupendous amount of work, especially with all the new releases at this show (more new games than I've ever introduced at any one time). They will all be boxed up upon my arrival in Portland.


So, in answer to your question, yes, I will have some boxed copies of Frenzy.



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Do you have any shots of the flyer you'll have at the show? (So I can better prepare how much money I'll be siphoning over.)



Gizzle Wap and The Stacks won't be available for sale at the show, but will be later. Full details about what will be available can be found on the front page (as of this moment) and in another PRGE-related thread:


AtariAge New Releases and Demos at PRGE!



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