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One more hack for Adventure wanted!


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Those guys in Maze Craze are the 2 sprite objects the 2600 has.

The 2600 only has 2 sprites, 2 1-pixel missiles that are colored the same as their respective player (but above and below the player this color can be changed), and a 1-pixel Ball which is the playfield color.


In Adventure the 2 sprites are used and reused for all the moving objects.

They already flicker quite badly when lots of objects are lined up horizontally.

If one were reused as your player, the flicker would be even more. Then you have the problem of collision detection because when the object is flickered to be another object it actually disappears. You would probably miss items, go through walls and barriers, and if it were at all acceptable, someone would already have done it?

Missiles are the thin walls below and to the left and right of the yellow castle.

The ball is used as the player.

There is a trick to change the width of the missiles and ball while the screen is being drawn. Theoretically if there are enough cpu cycles the ball used as your player could be stretched and shrunk, but you probably wouldnt get the separate legs of the Maze Craze guys.

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