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Console repair?


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Is anyone here currently servicing Intellivision consoles? I have a System III that occasionally appears with distorted graphics. pressing the case top to the left of the power/reset button does restore it for awhile but I'm looking for a permanent fix and I don't feel I have the appropriate skills to look at it myself.


I'm in IL and would prefer to find somewhere close to home, if possible, to save on shipping costs.



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Did you try swapping chips out from another Inty? If you feel comfortable enough, give it a shot if you have a spare unit..it worked for me.

I had my Sears unit start acting really funny on Boulder Dash and Kroz all the sudden. It turned out to be bad RAM as suggested by another member, so I swapped it out and it works perfect again.

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Sounds like a possible bad connection or cracked solder joint if pressure on the case fixes it temporarily. Going to need to crack it open (desoldering nightmare to get into the logic board) and press on a few components to track down where the fault is. May need to reseat the RA-3-9600 RAM or STIC chip or reflow some solder. Check the jumper wire from the power board to thr STIC too.



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