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I have UFO Patrol/X'Mission is the game rare or is it just me?

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This is all that's left of my huge Atari 2600 collection from back in the day, a few of these games I bought couple years back but most are from when I was a kid.


Now, UFO Patrol was always one of my favorite Atari 2600 games, I loved it so much as a kid I tried putting it in backwards so I could see the image lol ended up breaking those plastic pegs or whatever but it still works perfectly.


So I'm working on a gaming youtube channel now and was recording gameplay of UFO Patrol and figured I'd look it up online since sometimes I find it to be mixed up with Time Warp in ROM collections, sometimes the game labeled as Time Warp is this game I own and sometimes another depending on the ROM collection. Anyway my latest Atari 2600 ROM collection had the game labeled as UFO Patrol(X'Mission) and sure enough it was the game I own, tried to find gameplay or reviews on youtube just to see what people think and only found ONE terrible gameplay video on youtube:


I only found one copy of the game sold on ebay under UFO Patrol and poor game sold for only about 3 bucks.


I played mine on my Atari 2600 Jr. and it still works like a charm

No I don't sell games, ever :)


I can't wait to put up my review and everything of the game when I launch my gaming channel in the next month or two, seems I've had a real gem all these years.

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I see, it does seem to be an unknown game at least since as I said I've never been able to find video reviews or anything.

So my game was a part of a double package which came with two cartridges?


What about this game then? This is ALSO labeled as UFO Patrol sometimes


but it's a different game, I don't have this one

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Atarimania is probably the best site to search for any game as the database is extremely comprehensive. Atariboxed is building themselves and so far as I know is all PAL releases. UFO Patrol was released by at least 3 companies, which are listed in the Digital Press Price Guide under Quelle, Rainbow Vision, and Suntek. I think your version would be the Quelle from what I see. Correct me if I'm wrong.



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