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Quiet audio output - old systems - Audio Amp install?

SiLic0ne t0aD

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I just thought of something earlier today and have been stewing over some ideas..


First, I stumbled across these PCBs on ebay, they are compact 3W Stereo Audio Amplifier Boards, 5VDC.



I've noticed that I really have to crank my TV up when playing 2600(EM#1), Intv and CV. I run all my systems into the TV and it goes out to a receiver from there.. I like my games loud! I dont have to crank up my receiver too much more than normal but the TV part sucks, with the volume needing to be doubled, even 3x the normal volume. All my consoles are AV modded and they are all somewhat quiet (except for NES on up). It wouldn't be hard to add something like an audio amp internally. I figured I could tap in with the audio amp in between the AV mod audio out and the RCA outputs. It would probably fit on the bottom of the AV board so it wouldn't really change the footprint internally. I could easily pull the 5V required off the motherboards, i.e. where LED mods were installed.


My question is has anybody done anything this before? Would it harm anything.. by possibly backfeeding? Would this 3Watt audio amp be too loud, causing distortion?


I've seen threads about 2600's with built in speakers and whatnot but I just want to pump up the volume before it feeds out to the TV, certainly some kind of amp is possible if that PCB wouldn't work. Thoughts?

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