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I made a set of AV cables for my Model 1


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I got my Sega Genesis Model 1 (VA7 motherboard) years ago for free. My friend was a garbage man for a while, and he found it in a dumpster belonging to a video store. It is an ex-rental unit. It included 1 OEM 6-button controller (MK-1653), an OEM power supply (1602), and 2 games (X-Men and World Series Baseball). It didn't include any AV cables, so I had to use RF. It worked perfectly as-is.


I never used it much, because I didn't care for either of the 2 games, and I didn't have a Genesis when I was younger, so I didn't know of any good games to buy for it. Recently I found out that Frogger was released for the Genesis. I liked Frogger as a kid, especially the ColecoVision version that my cousin had (I had the Atari 2600 version, which was still fun, but it lacked the awesome music of the CV version). I watched some gameplay footage of Genesis Frogger on YouTube, and it is nearly identical to the arcade version, both in terms of graphics and music / sound effects (except for an annoying sound effect that shows up when the snake appears in the road; it is so bad that it sounds like static interference). So I bought a copy of it, and soon decided that RF wasn't cutting the mustard.


AV cables were cheap online (as low as $1.93, free shipping, from various sellers on eBay), but I couldn't find any that were longer than 6 feet, which is ridiculous. Most OEM AV cables are significantly longer than that. For example, the OEM SNES AV cables are about 8 feet long. Also, I didn't want to use the mono audio from the DIN port, and all of the cables for sale had the mono audio cable attached to the DIN port. I wanted longer cables with a set of attached stereo cables which would reach to the front headphone jack. I couldn't find anything like that, so I figured I had to make them myself.


I ordered a set of standard AV cables (12 feet long) and a 5-pin DIN connector. I already had an RCA-to-3.5mm adapter for the audio cables, but at some point I may put a 3.5mm plug directly onto one end of the cables.





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