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Not very many 47 sightings recently. There is a big one though. There's a movie called "Hitman: Agent 47". I was surprised reading through the movies part of the paper. If they shaved a minute off of the film, it would have been 1 hour and 47 minutes long. I am also surprised "Jurassic World" is still in theaters. Also, some guy in the Life section got interviewed about a beer book he wrote. He is 47 years old. I thought up of a new ActionMax game idea, but I need it to snow in order to film it. If it doesn't snow this winter, I'll just animate the thing. It's a Christmas-themed game called "Santa Claus Vs. the Zombies." where Santa Claus goes out and shoots zombies that have invaded the North Pole. But I haven't begun work on it yet. I wonder why people say they are interested in Bubba's Buck Blastin' and PM me, and I PM them back, but they mysteriously disappear on me. I've had that happen. If you were really interested in buying it, you'd at least PM me back a second time. Argh.

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