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Homebrew cartridge case suggestion


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I saw this blow molded Gorf case on Ebay and was thinking it would be a great homebrew item. A homebrewer like CollectorVision could get a mold made to produce these cases, not only would be durable with no assembly required, but they could also be sold to people that make Atari 2600 homebrews as the carts are the same size.


Stoneage Gamer made these for NES carts, and the quality is great (a bought one at the Cleveland game show) They even copyrighted the case as Bitbox, so there may be even a bigger market of selling these on Ebay.


There is alot of fan art out there for making the printed inserts, plus even a pocket to hold the manual. Here is a link to StoneAge Gamers fantastic product.




I thought I would pass this along and see what others think.




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As they age they crack on the inside spine and on the pocket for the game itself.


I personally always thought the NEO GEO cases were great because it was vinyl and even at 20 years of age my games look brand new and the cases are fine.


I also LOVED the original Intellivision gate fold boxes. I wished everyone did that.

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