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Anyone ever tried this SD option? Emulates 2 FDD and Max 9 HDD at same time


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I have this. I'm using it with my IIc. It has an option to replace the internal floppy, and I did do that briefly, but went back to using the physical floppy. Now I mainly just use it as a hard drive, and like that it works well. When there's no floppy in the drive, it boots up into a hard drive image. It's got a number of them on the included SD card. I actually wasn't thrilled with the images it had, as they seemed mostly geered around games, whereas I wanted something more productive for doing coding. But I copied Merlin-8 from my floppy onto the hard drive image I'm using and that works just fine. Since I don't having any experience with the UNISDISK, I can't compare it to that, and since I'm still kind of learning the Apple IIc, I can't really say I've tested it extensively, but so far it works pretty solid for me. I am only using one HDD at the moment though; I haven't tested with multiple enabled.

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