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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega


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Based on what I've read on Twitter, no mortal has yet seen the Vega+ (or perhaps it is Vega Plus?). Someone speculated that newly wed Prince Harry & Meghan will divorce before the Vega+ is shipped. I countered with Prince Harry will become the King of England before the Vega+ is shipped. For reference, I believe Harry is number 6 in line to the throne after Charles, William and his three (?) kids.


I am a backer for this project. Supposedly they will ship the first units by June 15th. I'm not holding my breath, but we will see.

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ZX Vega+ console faces Indiegogo's debt collectors



This suggests that crowdfunding platforms are no longer the wild wild west, since regulators are finally catching up with them.


It's a bit of a shame on two fronts:


1. that people had to get hurt before it came to this, and

2. these campaigns are going to have to be smarter about what they promise, which could lead to fewer wacky but innovative ideas.


I feel worse about #1 than #2.

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I find it very interesting that the highly touted "Roll of honour" that was featured on their site with the names of all backers is deleted from their site.


The same roll that was apparently the cause for delays earlier when not enough people had signed up for it...


Either people have forgotten about it or lost all hope/too embarrassed to have their names associated with the device or RCL are too ashamed to list all the people they ripped off publically in case these people go to court.


Remember that RCL have already lost a case in court and now have the IGG hounds chasing them.


I'm so disappointed that it had to go this way. The original Vega is a lovely device in its own right although pricey, with the only big minus is the missing keyboard. A project by honest and decent people and even had the console assembled in the UK which may explain some of the high cost, which I am perfectly OK with.

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Well, if we want to ensure that wacky and unrealistic ideas still are promoted, certain crowdfunding sites probably need to rewrite their rules so that by agreeing to the terms, you as the backer have voided your rights to make a legal statement to get your money back in case what you paid for never materalizes. A bit like a lottery or certain forms of risky investments where you may earn big payoffs but just as well lose all your invested money.


Now I don't know if a handheld games console replicating a 35 year old computer really is what I would call a wacky and innovative idea. It seems to me that it has been done a lot in China and elsewhere, just that this time it would come with a significant library of licensed games instead of just relying on pirated content.


RCL has had plenty of time to get things right, but from the outside it seems they mostly have got things more wrong for every step they have taken. There have been multiple delivery dates, redesigns and pie throwing. For the sake of Killersquirrel and everyone else who have backed it, I sincerely hope that the Vega+ will be released on June 15th, July 15th, August 15th, September 15th, October 15th, November 15th or at least December 15th.


Edit: Earlier this year there was a temporary shipment of Sinclair Vega consoles sold at Elgiganten (Dixons) at a very affordable price. Some claimed it was overstock that RCL dumped to major electronics resellers to convert it to fresh capital instead of sitting in a warehouse. The sale was rather short lived though.

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The saddest thing about this cluster**** is that Sir Clive is actually involved. I really didn't need to see my childhood hero - and the iconic brand itself - tied to yet another sad & tedious crowdfunding mess.


It's a good thing that at least we have Spectrum NEXT to carry the torch, as probably the best designed retro videogame machine ever.

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I hope you guys aren't holding your breath for this system. Kim Justice wrote about the delays on Retronauts and got a whole lot of grief from the people who started the crowdfunding campaign. It looks like they're more interested in making excuses and legal threats than the products they promised.



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And the saga continues. Sky, who owns the rights to the Sinclair and ZX Spectrum brands, are about to revoke the license for RCL to use those, since they have delayed the product so much. It probably would make the very first batch of Vega+ rare as those say Sinclair on the piece of paper underneath ther plastic, and the question is if they would make additional Vega+ without the Sinclair and ZX Spectrum branding later on.



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