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Just gave this one (Worm War) a quick play... Has a River-Raid meets Space Invaders thing going on... Very neat game, but I suck at it currently. 7430 was my first score. :)



$3 is the most I have ever spent on an Atari game... I am not disappointed. :)

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I sort of got lost playing Vanguard.... Surprisingly it is very immersive.


I found myself kind of wondering what I was supposed to be doing... I could CONTINUE at any time, but the small mini-maps between each stage never showed beyond the next couple levels, so I never knew how far I was getting...


At the end of each mini map, I was confronted by some strange looking giant robot creature... I dont know if I killed him or if he killed me.


Anyway, the quest continued and I was taken to another mini map. I eventually quit playing because I didnt know if I was winning or losing.


The manual says I am looking for a city...


Anyway, I will do some more research ans play again soon.

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