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HSC12 Round 17 Poll


3 Week Theme Round - MULTIPLE VOTE  

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  1. 1. MULTIPLE VOTE SO PICK AS MANY AS YOU LIKE - 3 week theme round - see post below and add games to it!

    • Walk n Shoot
    • Motorbike Madness
    • Space H-Scrollers
    • Turn the Paddles
    • Tetris Tournament

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As we head into the final quarter of the season we'll have a theme round; it's been a while and they usually turn out to be fun so here goes. Feel free to suggest any games for any of the choices - the games listed are just possibles at this stage. This will be a 3 week round. We are looking for games that are small/quick to play and not contenders for a normal 2 week round ;)


Checkout Fandal and Atarimania for details on the games. I'll update this post and add some links in the week :)


Poll Closes Sunday 4th October


Walk n Shoot

L.A. SWAT, Green Beret, ???,

Commando - think this needs extra ram (320k) or original cart so maybe as a bonus?

Motorbike Madness

Deathchase XE, Speed Ace, Speed King, Clumsy Colin, Biker Dave

Kik Start - we played before so perhaps not this time?

Space H-Scrollers

Bellum, Transmuter, Tanium, ???

The Extirpator

Turn the Paddles

Selection of paddles games (many support joystick or keyboard) checkout Fandal's list

More Possibles...

Pad v1.83

Castle Crisis (1 player)


Spy's Demise


Sneakers (if I can figure out how to select paddle controls!)


Avalanche (1979)

Plattermania (limited # rounds probably)

Balloon Game!?

Flop Super Ball

Livewire II

Prison Ball


Arkanoid II

Tetris Tournament

Selection of Tetris games we play a couple each and decided on the best ones ish

Ataritris II, Fortress, ???

Super Puzzler, IBM Tetris, Warsaw Tetris

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As much as I love Tetris, I just couldn't vote for it. I've played so many of them, and somehow they just don't seem right to me unless they are played on the Gameboy. I have played my fair share of them on the Atari 8-bit and I can't recall a single one of them that allows the players to rotate a piece either the left or right direction, which is an essential component of the game.

I had heard of none of the horizontal shooters before now, so I watched a few videos. Here are some comments on them:

  • Bellum (NTSC)(1983)(APX) - For some reason, this looks like a side-scrolling 2600 game to me (even though the graphics are too good for the VCS). Looks neat, and I like the idea of playing an APX game.
  • Tanium (PAL)(1988)(Players) - A forced scrolling horizontal shooter that looks quite hard. It looks like it might have a simulatarious mode. Is that right?
  • Transmuter (PAL)(1987)(Code Masters) - The player's ship is WEIRD, and the game moves SLOW.

These shooters look fun, but it seems that they aren't quick games. How come these three games wouldn't count for a full round alone? Are they extremely short? If I understood what makes games that are a good fit for this round, then I'd be able to suggest some other horizontal shooters.

I'm always up for any game that makes use of the under-used paddles.


  1. AE (NTSC)(1982)(Broderbund Software) - Joystick /Paddles. 2 Disks.
  2. Arkanoid (PAL)(Imagine)(1987) - Paddles Only. Use triple ball fix by Fandal.
  3. Avalanche (NTSC)(1980)(APX) - Paddles Only?
  4. Balloon Pop (NTSC)(1986)(White Bag Software) - Joystick/Paddles.
  5. Castle Crisis (NTSC)(2004) (Bryan Edewaard) - Paddles Only
  6. Chicken (NTSC)(1982) (Synapse Software) - Joystick/Paddles.
  7. Chiseler (NTSC)(19xx)(x) - Paddles Only. Probably from ANTIC or ANALOG magazine.
  8. Clowns and Balloons (NTSC)(1982) (Datamost) - Joystick/Paddles.
  9. Kaboom! (NTSC)(1983) (Activision) - Paddles Only.
  10. Spy's Demise (NTSC)(1983) (Penguin Software) - Keyboard/Joystick/Paddles
  11. Sneakers (NTSC)(1981)(Sirius Software) - Joystick/Paddles.
  12. Super Breakout (NTSC)(1979) (Atari) - Paddles Only.
  13. Super Pong (NTSC)(1986)(ANALO, February 1986) - Paddles Only.

Most pinball games on the Atari allow the user to use a set of paddles too, so including one of these if this catagory wins is probably a must. A search of AtariMania for games that use the paddles returns 158 games, but most of them are breakout or pinball games. However, there are some other games that might be neat to try-out which fit into unusual categories (like the above suggested "Sneakers," or "Spy's Demis; games that normally wouldn't be considered paddle-type games). I'd love to explore more paddles games, especially ones that most people have never played or heard about before now (i.e. APX and non-commercial games).

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Nice suggestions :thumbsup:

Try Ataritris II it's great esp in 2 player - and has lots of game the options. Dredis is v.good too


Bellum is cool and completable - not too many stages. Tanium has "special" controls but is 1 player and is fairly hard! Another goodie is The Extirpator. Perhaps the H-scrollers are a bit good but 3 in 3 weeks would be ok - the point of the round is to try some smaller or different games out - so no Defender or Dropzone etc!


There are a ton of paddles games - if this wins we'll try and cover some not played in last times Up the Creek but some will cross over; that was a fun round with a record 300 post :) The pinball games usually just use the two buttons so not very exciting - perhaps there is one suitable for each of the other rounds!

Don't think AE supports paddles - I did try when we played it before?


There must be some more L.A. Swat style games out there? Did anyone have Commando - cartridge?


Dispatch Rider is ok for another bike game and perhaps Motorcross 800 or something - will have to check it was an oldie.

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Hopefully if we play paddle games we'll play some different ones, I think we've done Breakout, Clowns and Balloons, Kaboom and AE to death

we will... those will be excluded :thumbsup: does nobody read my posts :twisted: see above re AE :D


If anyone has not got a set of paddles there are some one ebay for around £13 so GET SOME double quick ;)

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I like the Tetris-clone "Super Puzzler", originally a type-in game written in Turbo-Basic. I played it so much that one day (or night) I dreamed in tetris-like blocks - It all looks like a Minecraft-world...


"Unicum" is a nice breakout-clone; a mc-type-in game.


With booth I spend endless hours of my childhood...



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I like the Tetris-clone "Super Puzzler", originally a type-in game written in Turbo-Basic. I played it so much that one day (or night) I dreamed in tetris-like blocks - It all looks like a Minecraft-world...


"Unicum" is a nice breakout-clone; a mc-type-in game.


With booth I spend endless hours of my childhood...



looks like Unicum is joystick only but it will appear in a poll later in the season :thumbsup: WIll check out Super Puzzler :thumbsup:


Looks like I might have to de-jitter my paddles this evening. ;)

providing they have no damage where they just skip over a number of positions (checkout Kaboom name entry to see if you can stop on all letters) I'd put money on the jitter dimishing after a few plays - spent a lot of time on this and that is my conclusion, and I'm sticking to it :D for each session you need to play to warm them up :)


C'mon guys get a set ordered and prepare for battle - paddle games are fun


of course there's still time to vote for this or something else (or both) as the poll and current round are extended until Monday 5th October around 10am UK time :)

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Yeah, I've taken many sets apart and cleaned them thoroughly. They just get a little gunked up over time. Hoping the paddle games hang on. It'll be a fun few weeks. :)

me too - there are a suprising number of paddles games - I've added a link and some more possibles to the first post would be nice to have a variety of game types. I'm tempted to have PAD v1.83 as the main bat n baller but we could play Arkanoid II for a change (guess it has a different screens and a new big boss - does anyone know?


[edit] We need a good 1 player paddles Pong - can't see how to get 1 player in Super Pong (Analog) ?

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