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Ebay package forwarded to another address - should I be concerned?


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I've never had this happen before but I checked the tracking on Friday of a package I sold to someone in the US and the last update is that the package was forwarded from the address I was given as the official address of the buyer.


I emailed him on Friday to ask the buyer about this and I've had no response in the last 48 hours. Is this some kind of scam to get the item to another address and get his money back? As far as I'm concerned the package was delivered to the address I was responsible to get it to but I'm worried ebay won't see it that way.


Anyone have a package they sold on ebay forwarded to another address after the sale?

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hmm, I am not sure for the US, but isn´t it insured with that PayPal ? for you as seller, too ?

I think here in Germany with PayPal it is insured....

I think :)


But maybe just wait some more days. All these parcel-services sometimes are doing very strange things...

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Well it's supposed to arrive by Tuesday at the latest before he can open a claim. My biggest alarm is that the buyer isn't replying to my questions about this. Now he could be away for the weekend but it's kinda suspicious. I am insured up to a $100 and the item is $40 so I can go that route with the post office I suppose if the worst happens.

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Shawn's right, you're supposedly protected as a seller if you have proof you mailed it to the buyers address shown on PayPal. You know, that little spot that says to ship wherever if you want to be protected... :lol:


Never had that happen to me yet, but kinda sounds like the guy might be in the middle of moving? Trying to take an optimistic stab at the situation. :)

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